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REEACTOR TRANSBRAKE RELEASE SYSTEM has developed a  new advantage and it's changing the world of Drag Racing. We call it "REACTION TIME CONSISTENCY".  You work so hard to make your racecar consistent and you still lose races because of inconsistent reaction times. Well REEACTOR has come up with a system that will enhance your ability to control your reaction times. The patented "saddle" gives your trigger finger the exact same positioning, the same pressure, and the same travel to the button  every race!  How many times have you left the starting line feeling like you had a good consistent light, Yet your ticket reveals a much slower light than the round before! You may have released  the same way, but your thumb wasn't placed on the button in the same position. The REEACTOR positions your thumb on the button in the same place every race. And how many times have you had a slow reaction time from pressing to hard on the button or even a red light from trying not to press to hard? When you press down on the REEACTOR, your pushing on a flat hard surface. This eliminates pressure changes to the button. It will even eliminate the thought of button pressure. The  snap action micro switch will only travel the amount you have adjusted out of the saddle and is the same every race. The switch is fully adjustable so you can set it to a full or pro tree. It also has enough travel to use with or without a delay box. The kit can be easily installed to steering wheels, shifters, counsels, etc... So stop wasting all your consistent runs on inconsistent reaction times and win your races at the starting line!

Made in U.S.A

US Patent



80% MORE CONSISTENT!                                                                     NHRA & IHRA  APPROVED!

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Reeactor Transbrake Release System
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